Yunmei Liu

Ph.D. Candidate at University of Florida


1. Research on Automation Rate and Situation Awareness Responses

During the operation of automated systems, if a user cannot accurately understand the structure and function of automation of the system, it is likely that distrust or over-trust in the automation will occur. To address this research gap, my dissertation research developed a continuous “automation rate (AR)” function to quantify levels of automation in complex systems. In addition, I proposed a new relationship between the AR function and operator situation awareness responses, based on existing empirical research findings.

2. Roadway Signage for Novel Grade-separated Interchanges

This is an NCDOT-funded project that used a driving simulator to compare the driving performance and mental state of young and middle-aged drivers while navigating standard intersections and novel GSI (contraflow and quadrant) conditions. The experiment also manipulated driver exposure to different configurations of lane assignment and decision point signs.


3. EMG-based Assistive Human-Machine Interface Design

This is an NSF-funded project to develop models of powered-prosthetic user cognitive workload when applying different modes of electromyography (EMG)-based device control. Models are to be used for predicting workload associated with use of EMG-based control interfaces in other applications.


4. Real-time Perceptually-enabled Task Guidance in the Extremes

This a DARPA-funded project on the use of augmented reality for providing knowledge task guidance in extreme situations. The research challenge is to create a data-to-knowledge "pipeline" from wearable devices to an intelligent agency that can determine what information or guidance to provide to human operators in real-time.


5. Other Projects

In addition to the above research studies, I have also been involved in other projects on systems safety analysis research, unmanned aerial vehicle interface design, consistency in the design of interchanges in high-density traffic corridors and non-safety-related in-vehicle and on-road message displays.